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Winnipesakuee Waterfront Management and Maintenance is a company that provides an array of services which outstandingly address and encompass all levels of home ownership in the Lakes Region. Our hands-on involvement and focus on simplifying the ownership experience has created a one-stop, reliable source for homeowners to trust in for quality management of their assets.



With over $100 million worth of properties under our careful supervision, WWMM is a fully insured company in which property owners trust to maintain their assets. Our hand-selected team of professionals expertly look after your property while you are not in residence. From basic care taking and personal concierge services to overseeing large construction projects, we deliver satisfaction time and time again.



Our clients can expect regular and consistent communication and a higher level of personalized service every time we walk through the door. Our focus on the needs of the property and desires of the homeowners has created many long-lasting relationships with our clients in the Lakes Region community.

Owning a home on the lake can be a joy. Yet concerns you have for the constant management and maintenance of your lake house can dramatically reduce your leisure, relaxation, and time spent with family - the very reasons you bought your home away from home. 

WWMM provides professional home watch and home care services that are designed to eliminate the stress and concern of managing all the tasks necessary to keep your home functioning in your absence. 


"I can’t be at my property all the time so it has been a great relief to have a reliable and responsible management service available to me. One call can take care of a multitude of problems, they are a valuable resource for me."

Looking after your home as if it was ours!
*Home watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property,
looking for obvious issues.

We are proud to be one of the leading home watch companies in NH and are fully accredited with the National Home Watch Association. To read more, click

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