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Your Time Spent at the Lake Is Too Valuable To Worry About Home Maintenance Issues
Property Watch


We provide security for the home & maintenance plan during the owner's absence by inspecting all mechanical, electrical, structural and physical aspects of buildings, grounds and will notify the owner of any problems.


We work with alarm companies in response to any mechanical alarms if equipped, i.e., water alarm or low heat, and coordinate necessary remedy as per owner's discretion. Emergency responses are taken in the event of inclement weather to limit any damage to buildings or property.

Security Checks


Security checks provide customers with a valuable peace of mind that their property is being cared for while they are away.

  • 24 Hour alarm response + emergency maintenance

  • Security visits

  • Storm watch option

  • Water leakage checks, plumbing checks, & electrical checks

  • Animal infestation checks

  • Check boat house, docks, rafts, and watercraft

Handyman Services


Winnipesaukee Waterfront Management and Maintenance is a New Hampshire General Contractor. We can legally bid and get permits on any work you need whether you are present or not. 


We can handle and manage repairs at all levels. Most small repairs will be handled using our in-house technicians after getting approval from the homeowner. Any major repairs will be handled individually to the homeowner's needs. 



Duties to be tailored to owner's requests, i.e., winterization, spring openings, renter openings and closings.
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